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Bonjour – feels almost like home

I am writing from Lausanne, the most beautiful city of the ones I already visited.

I went to Constance cause they told me it is a holiday destination for many people. The city has a great potential but I could not be able to test busking since the police stopped me after a couple of songs “You cannot use an amplifier”, a phrase that I have heard thousand times in my life. Anyway, a very nice city and a great lake, nice for a vacation.

I had the chance to play in Luzern and Bern. Both cities are smaller than Zurich and Basel but very agreable to make a ”touch and go”. If I would play there everyday, I would be famous in 1 month and I do not know if someone would still buy my albums. Great cities for promotion and visiting.

I decided in the beginning of July to leave the German side of Switzerland and discover the French one. In Geneva, I made a huge concert for the ‘Fête de la musique’. People gathered around me as soon as I played the first chords of Hallelujah. I had a very “Parisian “ feeling to see me surrounded by such international folks.

Then I attended the Montreux Jazz Festival and we could stay in Aurelie’s house in Lausanne, which is only 25 km away. So great to be welcomed and well treated by one of my fans. Merci de tout !!!

My heart started beating strong as soon as I set eyes on Freddie Mercury´s memorial statue on Leman´s Lake. I knew immediately where I was gonna perform that night!

The festival is attended by great artists on main stages. I just felt like enjoying the days there, singing by the most beautiful lake I´ve ever seen, with Freddie at my left and strangers staring at me.

In Lausanne I have performed during the week. The city is a real bijou, too many rises and descents though for a busker looking for a nice spot. I needed to take a shower before performing.

I had a great impression of the French Switzerland in a future vision of moving here for a while.

Now it´s time to go to the Italian side of Switzerland. I expect to find great fun, nice cities and huge Italian smiles.

Keep you posted!


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