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Youri Menna arrived in Switzerland

Grüezi und hallo!

The goal of this road trip is to test busking, discover and travel around Switzerland – a discret and peaceful country with so many different and interesting things to visit, learn and experience. I’m traveling with my girlfriend Jenni who is originally from Berlin and works with me since two years now, taking care of my bookings and sales. She will film as much as possible and we will share it with you.

The plan is to travel around for two month and if I will have time, I will be surely visiting the South of Germany, maybe also Liechtenstein and Austria.

The first stop was Freiburg (Germany), on the way to Switzerland, and I found it a really lovely and harmonious city, with its Old town and canals, even though busking is regulated and I will have to find a way to do it legally and make it work at the same time. Not an easy challenge! People seemed to love my music there btw…

Next stop was Basel, city at the frontier with Germany and France, where I met again my old South Italian friend Nicola, born and raised there, who hosted me and Jenni for many nights in his apartment in order to be in good company and test busking in the city sparing money for accommodation. Grazie e dankeschön guaglió 🙂

I´ve been able to perform a bit there but a couple of really hot days pushed people to go to swim in the Rhein and so the city was quite empty.

The week after I moved to Zürich and my expectations were higher compared to my prior visit. Luckily, a deeper visit through the city made me change my mind. Zürich is dynamic, pleasant and global, the Lake is really breath-taking.

Dung, a Vietnamese woman, who fell in love with my music at the Sacre Coeur some months ago, booked me to  performed at her restaurant ‘Aux Carres’ for 30 friends of hers. Unexpected surprise : a couple drove all the way from Liechtenstein to attend my concert. The guy loved my song “My nothing was all for you”. So amazing!

Patrick Guy, my good friend, gave me the possibility to performed in two other clubs/restaurants such as ‘Alice Choo’ and ‘Old Fashion Bar’ – thank you Patti, you are the best 🙂

Now I´m in Constance or Konstanz, by another great lake (Bodensee) at 1 hour by car east of Zürich.

More to report in my next post.

Keep in touch and feel free to leave a comment, ciao!

P.S. In the section ‘CONCERTS->Street/Busking’ in the main menu, you can find the planning with cities and gigs.

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