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Time to say Goodbye

Writing from my car on the highway from Milan to Paris.

I went to the ‘Italian’ Switzerland and visited in 2 days Lugano, Locarno and Bellinzona.
I was not lucky cause of the heat, the hottest july of the last 60 years.
So impossible to perform during the day, the cities were empty and boiling.
Better to be on my bed, with air conditioning, watching news in three languages.

At night the streets were as empty as during the day and I was wondering were the people had gone.

I waited for the weekend to attend the Lugano Buskers Festival.
Lots of artists have been invited and I’ve been tryin to find a spot to play but walking at 32 degrees was exhausting.
I finally decided to be a tourist and checked the area around  Lugano.

On Saturday, I performed in Lugano with my two amplifiers with the goal to make the best out of everything : a couple of hours of concert were enough to gather hundreds of people around and to feel that I havee at least touched some people’s souls before leaving Switzerland for good, well at least until Christmas.

In the end, my 2 months Swiss experience has been highly positive and rewarding.
Busking is regulated, tolerated and repressed at the same time.
Here’s my 10 points about Switzeland.

1. Most beautiful city : Lausanne
2. Most beautiful lake : Leman
3. Extremely high feeling of security.
4. Clean and substainable cities
5. Educated, friendly, wealthy and relaxed people.
6. Very,very,very expensive country for any other European citizens…and for some Swiss too.
7. To eat a pizza margherita (fake one) at 20 euros is painful, specially for a Neapolitan man like me.
8. It’s so great to have Germany, Italy and France at few kilometers.
9. Lakes, mountains, rivers and great landscapes : Switzerland has everything you need in a small space.
10. This country is definetely missing live music bars and a real artistic culture, certain cities are as silent as cemeteries.
On the other side, being a musicien and doing what I do is exclusive. So it was a pleasure to pick the most tasteful food from the whole buffet.

Talk to you all soon


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